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Amy Brandenburg (Denver, US)

We love Pepper Pong! Love how easy it is to pack up and travel with. We've played it outside in our back yard, in the mountains, at the park, and at the beach. The idea to have different levels of spicy in the weight of the balls was genius! Makes it entertaining for all ages including my nephew who won't take off the wrist sweatbands.

We're stoked to hear that you love Pepper Pong as much as we do, Amy! It's awesome to know that you've taken it on so many fun-filled adventures, whether it's in your backyard, mountains, park, or even the beach. And we totally agree, the different levels of spiciness in the weight of the balls definitely adds an extra layer of excitement for players of all ages. We love hearing how it has brought joy to your nephew, especially with those cool wrist sweatbands. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Jamie Day (Barrington, US)
My kids think pepper pong is genius

We got pepper pong a few weeks ago and have been playing ever since. The kids love experimenting with different playing surfaces and sizes. It's a great game for small spaces and the pepper balls make a big difference.

It's wonderful to hear that your kids are enjoying Pepper Pong and finding it innovative, Jamie! We're delighted to know that they love experimenting with different playing surfaces and sizes, and that the game fits perfectly in small spaces. Your positive feedback truly makes our day!

DMC (San Anselmo, US)
Fun Anywhere!

We love our set. We've already bought 2 additional sets for friends. Makes a great gift. Totally safe for any surface including glass tables.

Thank you so much for your glowing review, Danny! We're delighted to hear that you're enjoying your set and have even gifted some to your friends. Your support means the world to us!

p.s. thanks for posting an awesome photo. To see pics from fellow players, check out our Insta –

K.F. (Littleton, US)
4th of July Pepper Pong

Totally AWESOME! Definitely spiced up our 4th of July party. The bounce of the ball and feel on paddles is perfect. Ate dinner on the same table we played on.

We are thrilled to hear how Pepper Pong spiced up your 4th of July party and great to hear the dinner table was able to serve multiple purposes!

p.s. thanks for posting an awesome photos and video, to see pics from fellow players, check out our Insta –

Blake (Denver, US)
Pepper Pong - FUN IN THE SUN !

Brought Pepper pong on a group fly-fishing trip to Belize and ended up playing every day (and night) by the pool. P-pong was a en fuego spicy hit !!!

We're thrilled to hear that Pepper Pong was the life of your fly-fishing trip in Belize, Blake! It's fantastic to know that you all enjoyed playing it day and night by the pool. Your feedback has certainly added a dash of spice to our day!

Ian Sprout (Tampa, US)
Such a blast!

Nothing but smiles when you pull the pepper pong set out. Fun for all ages.

Your message has us grinning from ear to ear, Ian! We're thrilled to hear that our pepper pong set brings a smile to your face and fun for all ages. That's exactly what we aim for! So, keep pulling out that set and spreading those smiles. Remember, the world is your playground, and it's always game time with Pepper Pong!

Andrew Wilke (Jackson, US)
Pepper Pong Lovin

3 things I always have with me at all times: Pepper Pong, my fly rod and my family. I never leave home without them because you never know when the time is right for some fun competition. The best thing about playing in the rockies is that there are picnic tables at every turn. We've played PP in places this summer I am sure have never seen a ping pong ball. Total and complete blast every time we break it out. Thanks to the PP crew for dreaming up this game!! Parent side note - PP is a great distraction for the kiddos when they start to get a little punchy - day saver for them and us.

There's nothing we love more than hearing about Pepper Pong adventures, especially when they're as epic as yours. Playing in the deep in the rocky mountains!? That's another level of spice! We're stoked that our game has become a trusty sidekick for your family, and we're even more thrilled to hear it doubles as a kiddo distractor. Thanks for taking us along on your journeys - here's to many more Pepper Pong matches in unexpected places, Andy!

Will Stinchcomb (Lafayette, US)
Dining room competition

Mom never, ever, lets us use the dining room table, even for dining. When she left town for the weekend, we knew we had the perfect spot to play Pepper Pong! The table finally served a purpose and nothing got scratched from the perfect racquets and balls! What a great set up; easy to set up and even faster to pack away. Finally, some fun in the formal dining room, thanks Pepper Pong!

We're absolutely thrilled to hear about your dining room Pepper Pong adventures, Will! It's fantastic that you found our game easy to set up and pack away, and we're especially glad to know that it brought some fun to your formal dining room without leaving a scratch. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Wendy S (Highwood, US)
Backyard BLAST!

Thank you Pepper Pong! Spicing up our backyard bbq season!! So. Much. FUN.

We're thrilled to hear that Pepper Pong has added some extra spice to your backyard BBQ season, Wendy! It's great to know you're having so much fun.

p.s. thanks for posting an awesome photo. To see pics from fellow players, check out our Insta –

Rob Cohen (Englewood, US)
Coloradical Pepper Pong

We played Pepper Pong in the mountains of Colorado. Everyone enjoyed the game, and the competition was quite spicy. The obstacles of the chandelier and chairs made the game even more challenging to navigate. It was truly Coloradical!!!

We're delighted to hear that you had a 'Coloradical' time playing Pepper Pong in the mountains of Colorado, Rob! It sounds like the chandelier and chairs added an extra layer of fun and challenge to your game. We LOVE the pics!

ps To see pics from fellow players, check out our Insta –