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What are the rules?


Orders, returns, etc.

Gearing Up!

Wait, isn’t this just ping pong?
Nope, this is an entirely new game! Revolutionary equipment, unmatched portability and durability, special rules to keep matches extra close and spicy … Pepper Pong is ping pong’s beefed-up, tricked-out, dialed-in cousin (with pickleball DNA injected in).
What’s up with the zigzag net?
Our proprietary “Fence” is 100% freestanding, ridiculously versatile (eg. works on any flat-ish surface) and laughably easy to set up. Doubles match on the kitchen island? Extend your fence to 48”. Singles battle on top of your camp cooler? Collapse it down to 15”. Then, easily stash it away in the included carrying case.
Three different balls? What in blazes?
Indeed! Three different balls (aka “Peppers”) for three different playing styles. For aggressive death battles against your worst enemies, we recommend red (ghost). For casual games against grandma, go with green (jalapeno). For everything in between, there’s yellow (habanero). Best of all, unlike ping pong balls, our Peppers are DEAD SILENT and BASICALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE.
And those funky paddles?
Thou shalt call them “Mullets,” and they make your uncle’s ping pong paddles (with their torn and peeling surface) look like tools from the bronze age. Made from space-age composites with a generous sweet spot, these deft instruments are lightweight and durable with a pickleball-esque look and feel.
What comes in a full set?
When you order a full Pepper Pong set, you’ll get one folding fence (net), four mullets (paddles), one mixed tube of peppers (balls), one headband, two wristbands, one official rulebook and some stickers to boot. It’s all packed into a sleek carrying case roughly the size of a Dopp kit.
Can I order extra equipment?
Absolutely! Today you can order extra balls (mixed tubes of three), and soon we plan to offer single-color tubes (the red “ghost” ball is particularly popular). In the future we also plan to sell extra fences and mullets.

Rules and Gameplay

Will I need a special table to play?
Absolutely not! Thanks to our freestanding fence-like net and futuristic air-foam balls, Pepper Pong can be played on any flat (or even flat-ish) surface. We’ve seen games break out on airport floors, wooden decks, flipped-over paddleboards, truck hoods and everywhere in between.
What are the official Pepper Pong rules?
We thought you’d never ask! You can read our official rules HERE. At a high level, the rules of Pepper Pong are designed to facilitate long rallies, crazy comebacks, silly shenanigans and more high-fives than the NYC marathon finish line.
How is Pepper Pong similar to pickleball?
Pickleball was designed to decelerate and democratize tennis, making it more accessible (but no less strategic) for players of all different abilities. Pepper Pong represents a new spin on ping pong in much the same way, except we doubled down on versatility, portability, durability and fun.

Everything Else

What happens after I place my order?
After you place your Pepper Pong order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email followed by a shipping confirmation email with the UPS tracking number. You can watch in a state of nail-biting anticipation as your Pepper Pong gear gets closer and closer to delivery, at which point you’ll get a final confirmation.
Do you protect my credit card info?
Most certainly! In addition to using SSL encryption to protect your payment details, we leverage Shopify’s Level 1 PCI DSS compliance (the most rigorous in the industry). Other than potentially taking a ball to the mouth once you receive your Pepper Pong set, this transaction is 100% safe.
How do returns work?
If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Pepper Pong purchase, please reach out to us at and we'll do our best to make it right! If you'd like to initiate a return, please visit the RETURNS PORTAL in our footer.