Meet your NEW favorite GAME

Play Anywhere, Anytime


 Play on any "flatish" table or surface 
 Everyone learns fast (unlike ping pong!)
 More portable than your dopp kit
Any Surface, Anyone, All the Time

Don't Worry, It's Not Ping Pong

Ping pong is great with a perfect storm of equipment, space to put it, and equally matched players.
We wanted a game that everyone could enjoy, literally anywhere.  

What a Set of Balls

Different bounce & speed to match unique surfaces & skill levels. Total gameplay customization.

The Fence

The things that divides the surface. Free standing, no annoying clamps. Lay your fence in 3 seconds flat.

The Mullets

Shaped like "pickleball on top, pong below" our custom ball-hitting devices play like magic.

The Whole Package

Think of it this should take Pepper Pong more places than your dopp kit.